Stephanie McMahon Speaks Candidly About Her Sex Life, more
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Stephanie McMahon Speaks Candidly About Her Sex Life, more
Source: Thanks to Reader SMHzBiggestfan for sending in the following recap of Stephanie McMahon on Howard Stern:

Hey Daniel how you doin. Stephanie was on Howard Stern last night and here are the highlights for you:

-- She is 26 just had a birthday.

-- She is dating HHH.

-- She has worked for the company since she was 12, has worked as a receptionist.

-- She says Vince is a great dad, and he's very entertaining.

-- She lives in her own house, doesn't live with daddy.

-- They paraphrase Chyna saying HHH is gonna be Stephanie's bitch and that he is walking on egg shells for the rest of his career.

-- Stephanie thinks Chyna is beautiful.

-- Stern asks Steph if HHH has any weird muscle fetishes because he was with Chyna.

-- Stephanie says she was dating someone when she and HHH became an item.

-- Stern thinks Stephanie is the catch of the world, she's hot, and rich, and has a rich dad.

-- Stern wonders if HHH really just wants to run the whole thing and is trying to do that by marrying Stephanie.

-- Stephanie collects a salary for both her on-- screen and behind the scenes roles.

-- Stephanie admits that is bothered her when Vince revealed cheating on Linda.

-- Stephanie writes and used to wrestle.

-- Steph said HHH was very flirtatious and when she was sitting on his lap. He'd pinch her or say something weird.

-- Steph says that her and HHH split for little while, when he was still living with Chyna.

-- Vince, at one point, forbade her from seeing HHH and she saw him anyway, in a Romeo and Juliet type of way.

-- They played Chyna's clip from her earlier appearance on the show and she sounded really whiney. Chyna basically said the Stephanie was a bitch.

-- They talked about TE 3 debuting tonight, No Mercy on Sunday and Saliva's new video.

-- Steph says that WWE is doing well, but not as good as they want. She blamed the economy.

-- Caller calls and thanks her for her boobs popping out numerous times.

-- Steph talked about her old boobs looking like "melted packets of butter" that's why she got the boob job

-- Caller called and asked about "Paul".

-- AA (Stern show regular) said that SCSA left because Stephanie got him with a strap on.

-- Stern asks her about money, and she says she has stock and collects a salary.

-- Someone posing as Chyna called up, said Vince had sex with her, and Steph was a bitch. It was obviously a fake.

-- Internet fans represented!!! Caller asks her about HHH being the focal point of Raw, and she says that it makes no sense for her to politic her boyfriend to the front, and drive the business into the ground.

-- Stephanie discusses getting more boob jobs. Stern told her to go ahead with it.

-- Caller says that his friend used to sleep with Stephanie and she likes being tied up and loves anal sex. She said the she hasn't yet, but would give it to HHH if she was "hot" enough. She didn't like being tied up the one time she tried it. Thinks if it went right better the next time she'd enjoy it.

-- She says that she'd pull out the strap on she used on Steve Austin for the guy.

-- Some guy called up saying that he was a female wrestler named Denise looking for Steroids.

-- She said the Nicole Bass lost, because she wasn't sexually assaulted.

-- Eric the Midget calls up, says he's a huge fan of Smackdown, and he asks her if she would consider changing the format of the WWE shows, to a concert type thing. Really wierd. Says he never pleasured himself thinking about her. Stephanie says she's offended, the guy comes clean and says he has. Stephanie is happy.

-- Artie does his Eric Bischoff impression. It's pretty bad.

-- She says that HHH is great in the sack, and he's the best she's ever had. SHE HAS CONSIDERED HLA. She doesn't like the idea of HHH with her and another girl.

-- Stephanie is totally shaved down there.

-- Stephanie says that HHH shaves his entire body

-- She says that she and HHH have sex very often.

-- Stern reiterates that Stephanie is the catch of the century, she's down to earth, hot, talks about shaving, and is rich rich rich.

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